Multiple projects - STEP 1

I’m trying to work through the course, but the inconsistency is driving me crazy.

Step 1 on almost every project you are instructed to add the basic declarations similar to this:

"# Step 1

Begin with your standard HTML boilerplate. Add a DOCTYPE declaration, an html element, a head element, and a body element."

So I type:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">


Which is proper html code, but it is rejected. Why? Because I specified lang-“en” in the html tag. The “hint” i receive is " Hint: Your html element should have an opening tag".

The practice of including the lang attribute was introduced in the second project (building a cafe menu), yet on every project thereafter, my code is rejected for including the lang attribute.

So what gives? If it is good practice to include the lang attribute in the html tag shouldn’t the practice be reinforced in the course?

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