My 25+5 clock can't pass the tests

I have my 25+5 clock but most of the tests I can’t pass. I’m not sure why or how. (The only one I know isn’t going to pass the test is the audio ones)

Link to my project: project

If you increment/decrement the session-length number 1 time the time-left number doesn’t change and if you increment past 60 the time-left number rounds back to 0

I fixed the issue but it’s still giving failures on others.

I fixed it but I’m still getting failures.

You really need to make sure to test the app as per the tests.

  1. Load the app.
  2. Start the timer.
  3. Click the Reset button after 5 seconds (24:55).
  4. Click the Start/Stop button and nothing happens. You have to click it again for the timer to start working. You should only have to click it one time after Resetting the timer.

After some modification to the code, I was able to complete the project :smile:

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