25-5 clock is working but it doesnt pass the tests need some help

I’m working on the 25+5 clock. Though the app works as expected from the functional pov, I’m unable to pass the tests in the test suite.

I’ll confine the discussion to the timer part of the test suite only since I’ve not worked on the audio part yet and the content part seems to be well in place.It seems like there is nothing wrong with the test suite since it is working for others.

Here is my code: https://codepen.io/donjoe21915/pen/VwRPVEb (You can check for yourself that it works correctly)

Please suggest corrections and improvements, in dark here.

are you going through each fail test case scenarios and can pin point them in your code?

those are quite thorough enough to help you complete this project to pass all test cases…

happy coding :slight_smile:

so here is the scenario, one failed test says

1. When I click the element with the id of “reset”, any running timer should be stopped, the value within id=“break-length” should return to 5, the value within id=“session-length” should return to 25, and the element with id=“time-left” should reset to it’s default state.

Timer has not reached 00:00.

But the timer successfully reaches 00:00, not just that the reset button actually resets the timer as required (don’t believe me, see for yourself).
Similarly there are twelve more cases like this where the app is actually fulfilling the said requirements on application but the tests fail.
I’ll give you one more example, the increment and decrement buttons are working as expected in practice but the tests related to them in he test suite fail. Quite frustrating tbh. What should be the right approach in this situation?
ps: I’m only facing issues with the 15 tests for of the timer part as displayed in the test suite, I’ve not worked on the audio part yet and the content part seems to be well in place.

you are not wrong saying that “usecase 1” is doing what it was supposed to do, however i noticed that “pause/play” is glitchy, im saying it cause they all might be kind of related to be able to pass these test cases.

who knows maybe solving a glitch might endup resulting solving other related test cases too!! worth a try, right?

happy coding, rooting for you :slight_smile: