My actual first built and deployed Portfolio

Guys, I need sincere opinions on my porty… I built with Nextjs and have mongo running to store contact info… it’s my first attempt to actually put something out there but before getting domain I need some true and honest reviews that doesn’t come from my wife lol

Thanks in advance

Hi @medic1111 !

Here a few thoughts from me :slight_smile:

Since this looks like a portfolio you are planning to use for jobs, I would suggest just having one page with the different sections instead of multiple pages.
Then have your navbar just navigate to the different sections on the page instead of to different pages.

For the homepage in the hero section, I would suggest just having your name followed by full stack developer.

For your projects, instead of having a list of screenshots, I would place all of the information up front.

Something similar to this

Obvious you would add some styling, but that gives them all of the information up front.
So if they want to look at the code they can or if they want to jump straight into the live version they can.

But overall, you want to reduce the amount of clicks it takes to get to the content.
People looking at your portfolio for potential jobs will spend a short amount of time on it.
You want to make it super easy for them to get straight to the content they are looking for

Hope that helps!


Helps lots! Thanks for much for taking the time!!!

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HEYYYY, can you do a recheck? fixed the projects page as you suggested. Let me know. Thanks much!

I think it looks better.

I would continue to work on the project descriptions.

For example, for your first project description here
Front-end skills display application for students to keep track of their classes, grades, and assignments. Created with Create-React-App with State management via React-Redux and Redux-Toolkit.

I don’t think you need to lead with front-end skills.
They can tell by the technologies listed that it is a front end application.
I would personally remove that part.

I would personally reword it to be the following:

This is a React and Redux application to help students keep track of their classes, grades, and assignments which boosts productivity in their studies.

Or something along those lines.
If your project applications can talk about the problem they solve and value they bring, then people will want to click on them and learn more.

I would also add a downloadable link for your resume in the contact section.

Hope that helps!

P.S. I moved your post over to the #career section because this is a job portfolio.

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