Is my portfolio worth it?

Hello fam, I will be very grateful if you guys take a look at my portfolio projects, then give me info about areas I should improve.

I am a front end developer with backend experience. I decided to stick with front end because I want to focus on one thing at a time.

My Linkedin :

View all projects:

Some of my projects

Thank you.


HI @Kobra !

Here are my thoughts on your linkedin, github profile and projects.


There are a lot of opportunities for recruiters to find your profile if it is a strong profile.
Right now it is a little bit bare.
I would suggest watching Danny Thompson’s Linkedin series to help you better optimize your profile.


I think you should beef up your descriptions for your projects listed on your website.
Provide a few sentences on what the app does and some cool features people might be interested in looking into.

Also, it would be nice if there was a place on your website to get in contact with you.


I think the designs for your projects look really good.
But you need to work on the messaging.
For some of these apps, it is not entirely clear what the user is supposed to do.
For example, your Auto Grouping Bot.
The description in the readme says “Easily group and mix people into various groups”
I am not really sure that the means.
I would expand on that and make it more clear what the app is supposed to do.
Remember that hiring managers and other developers looking at your projects, aren’t going to spend a whole lot of time on your portfolio.
You want to make it as clear as possible for them.


  • There are few times you will say “JavaScript developer | Web developer” or “PROGRAMER | WEB DEVELOPER”. Keep it simple and just say Software developer. It will be evident by your technologies that you mainly work with the web.
  • You have a few typos. For example you wrote Java Script but it should just be one word.
  • Cut your introductory paragraph down. Studies show that most people only look at resumes for 5-7 seconds before moving on. Cut it down to 2 or 3 sentences. If a job asks for a cover letter, then you can provide lengthier explanations for your work.
  • Just like on your website, you need to beef up your project explanations so people will be excited to want to check them out.

freeCodeCamp has tons of great articles on resumes to help you spruce it up and attract more recruiters and potential employers.

How to Write a Developer Resume that Recruiters Will Read
How to Write a Developer Résumé Hiring Managers Will Actually Read
Why Your Resume Is Being Rejected - and How to Fix It

Hope that helps and good luck with the job hunt :slight_smile:



I will make all the amends you recommended.

Thank you so much.

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