My Answer won't get accepted despite it being correct

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Despite me doing the task right, it just won’t accept by the response: // running tests
package.json should have a valid “description” key
// tests completed
Pl Help!
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Challenge: Add a Description to Your package.json

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Looks like you are using different boilerplate code than what challenge requires, link to the boilerplate for “Managing Packages with Npm” can be found at first challenge in that section -

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Let’s see:

“Note: Remember to use double-quotes for field-names (”) and commas (,) to separate fields."

Did you follow these instructions? This can be what you are looking for.

Have a good day!

The challenge requires “package.json should have a valid “description” key” which is present.

But it needs specific background code to make test work.

Thanks, but both the suggestions have been correctly implemented.
A good day to you too!

Yes, but I clicked on the [our Replit starter project] hyperlink, to start the project. On the link you provided when I started my project.

You must have clicked it on wrong page, boilerplate for this section is boilerplate-npm, the boilerplate-express that’s used by the linked replit is used by the “Basic Node and Express” section.

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Yes, that was indeed the problem, thank you! :smiley:

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