My Bootstrap Tech. Doc Page. Feedback PLEASE

I’ve made my technical documentation page:

Hope you like it. If you want me to change anything, you are free to tell me.

Any and all feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.

Nice work, elegant design, and colors. Also responsive.
But the project doesn’t pass two tests.

Also on using links in the navbar … each one goes to the right section in the documentation but the title of the section becomes hidden under the navbar … maybe you need to use some more padding at the top of each section e.g section{padding-top: 3rem;}.

Also, If I hover on and out the navbar fastly before the animation is complete. the navbar starts to spread out then shrinks a couple of times and I think this effect will be annoying to the user.
Actually, I’m not sure what caused this effect. I hope if you find what caused it you can tell me.
in general nice work :sunny:


Thanks. Will add what you requested.

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