My calc - please review :)

Feedbacks are welcome :grin:


It looks amazing and works pretty well. Excellent!

Very nice! My “constructive criticism”: 10+2*3. I mean probably it would be better to follow common math conventions

Thanks for your criticism! It has been very useful because it allowed me to fix a bug of which I did not realize.
I fixed everything, now should go!!!

=)If so here is another note: 6/0==
Pay attention to double “=” button click.


Just play around. Try to enter whatever sequences you can imagine.
Hope to be helpful. It was also challenging for me. And I am not quite glad of my solution.

6/0 ==

Now division by zero returns error and clears the queue, so it’s as if “AC” it’s was clicked.

Double “=” button click.

I think okay, a number is always equal to itself. Do not you think?

9 +.=


I think it’s completed. I can’t find any add errors=) Congrats!