MY code sucks so so bad I given up yes really

I having to many problem with coding. I just checked my projects and they don’t even show the images in those. so my question is it there a UX or UI course in freeCodeCamp.


here (with figma): UI / UX Design Tutorial – From Zero to Hero with Wireframe + Prototype + Design in Figma

I suggest that you use the search field on FCC page there are 7000+ tutorials .

Also the FCC youtube channel have a lot :

So what Certification do i need

Can you elaborate more on your problem? You don’t actually need any certificates.

There isn’t a dedicated UI/UX course or certificate part on fCC. There is the Applied Visual Design section of the Responsive Web Design part of the curriculum but that’s pretty limited. If you want to learn about UI/UX the fCC curriculum isn’t really geared towards that.

Design is very different from coding but it still takes a lot of time and dedication to learn.

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Keep going bro. We are all here together to get through this. :slight_smile:

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