My First Portfolio Page Created in less than an hour from scratch with Bootstrap

Hello campers, I am barely two weeks here, with a burning desire to learn… fortunately for me,
the challenge method used by FCC works a lot for me. But the funny thing is that it took me over a day
to create a Tribute page, but i was able to do the Portfolio page in less than an hour, though there are
many lapses with the Portfolio page that I don’t know how to handle yet. Don’t mind what is written in the “ABOUT ME” section, tho that’s my target before the end of 2018 … Take a look and tell me
what you think…

Nice job Amadi! I would definitely change the font used to something a little more readable. The handwriting effect looks cool, but from a usability standpoint.

If the location info in the footer could be side-by-side, that would look better as well. As it is, it looks like there is a lot of unnecessary height in there.

Thanks a lot, I will do as you said…