My portfolio - feelfree to review


This is the portfolio I submitted for the challenge.

Project Link -

I think this challenge comes too early because it needs a lot of stuff we didn’t learn (and I only used html, css and bootstrap).

I’ll probably perfect it as I progress through the course, adding javascript, etc.

Feel free to review.

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Hi, the portfolio indeed comes quite early. You will find though, that you will always need external resources. FCC is more a roadmap than that it actually has all the information. If you are interested there are several topics here on the forum with links to other resources.

Your portfolio looks good though. You could add some more margin to your sections. And what will make your portfolio better is some projects. Good luck with that.

I agree that it comes early. I completed the tribute page in a half a day, but this portfolio page has me stumped. I know I can do it, but there are some aspects of it where I have no clue. Might take me a while. Good portfolio page by the way.

Thank you for your feedback. I’m a bit lost, because I only knew a bit python before doing those pages (portfolio and tribute), but I’m not (yet) a coder and I’m always worried that I’ll screw up.