My first project FCC tribute page

I can’t get the background video to work for some reason. I tried linking it via local file and then I tried using a website link. What is the problem?

You can use a website url for a video, and youtube provides the code for you already as an iframe. Go to the video link, click “share” in youtube, and click “embed”. Copy and paste the code. The video will be embedded into your webpage.

Thank you!
Is there a way to use videos from pexels?
More specifically, this one:
I tried linking this and it doesn’t do anything. I didn’t know you can use YouTube videos so that is very helpful :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

Sure, right click the video and click “inspect”. The browser will open up the dev tools and highlight the video code. Copy and paste everything in the “iframe” tag.

Thanks. I tried copying this , but did not it did not do anything :