Struggling with id "video"

Hey guys,

currently am working on my project. The problem is: The youtube video does not show up on the page. Their should be a problem with the code.

Here it is:

You must use the embed link instead of the one you’re linking to

Actually the easy way for you is to go to the youtube page of the video, click on Share -> Embed.


I did exactly what you said, but it still did not work. Look at here:

How can I solve the problem?. Does anyone lelse have an idea?

@Bulgaria, your pen shows you still linking to the video rather than embedding it as suggested.
Here’s a link for you to read up on embedding

Or as suggested you can click on the video and get the ‘copy embed code’

I agree with Roma on this, your link is not embeded which is why it wont work, just go to the youtube video>share>Embeded and copy and paste that into your code and it should work

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Hey @Roma and @EliteCobra

I followed you, but it still doesn´t work. I clicked on the video, cklicked on “share”, embeded and did copy and paste that into my code… but the problem still exist.

Maybe there is something wrong with my code?

It´s solved! :slight_smile:

Thank you, sir´s!