My first project on FCC - Tribute Page


I just completed the first project required in the Responsive Design Section and I would like some honest feedback.

Hint: My design skills suck!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Tribute Page - Leonard Nimoy

Congrats! I think this looks great. (my design skills also suck)

Functionally everything seems to work perfectly for me on PC & chrome mobile inspector.

Visually it looks like my own approach; keep to 2-3 colors and constant radii for the boxes. Well done. Only thing I’d change is the last line and make it less words, small text and the ‘link’ blue match the other background blue.


Thanks for taking time to give input. I changed the text and color (silly me, I didn’t realize I selected a darker shade of blue).

I tried to keep it simple yet serious because it’s a tribute page after all.

Your design doesn’t suck at all , I like the centered timeline and great font choice, also your color coordination is great.

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Well done!
Like the UI very much. A minimalist design is great with apt typography and color scheme!
Extremely satisfied. Just always use these subtle color combinations and your design will always look good. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate your feedback. On my way to complete the second project :slight_smile: