MY FIRST PROJECT Please review and feedback

Hello lovely campers ,

This is my first post here and I have been learning basics html , css , javascript and jquery from past few weeks. I was nervouse before and doubting my self but I have seen a lot of people here to support and encourage each other which is i like the most and inspired me…

This is my first web page, and i tried to make as good as possible. Today I Finished my tribute page please review and feedback so I can improve it more…

A tribute to DR.A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM
Thanks in advance.
Happy coding! :slight_smile:


Hi Rupali,

Nice work. However, in my view, the text-shadow you have applied on titles/sub-titles makes it hard to read and focus on the text, so I’d either remove it or I would at least use smaller shadow value to reduce the friction and to imrove the readability.

Also, regarding link colour (href color), I’d use any light or bright colour against a dark background. In this case, since the background is black, you can try white (#fff) or light aqua color (#6bceff) so that the link text stands out from other content/text :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much to review and for your feedback.
I will definitely keep in mind all of the point u mentioned .
Iwill improve and update my page :slight_smile: will post soon again.

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Thanks for taking it on positive note :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes and if you need any help with it.

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I updated my tribute page .I made some changes and made hero image mobile responsive.

but I stuck on some element size when i resize my browser some of the element content like

heading goes outside of div or container don’t know how i can fix that because I tired a lot and

have spent a lot of time but couldn’t fix it.please help me

here’s my updated page link

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the updates! Page looks way much better, Rupali.

I will just check it out and let you know regaring the resizing issue soon.

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Hi Rupali,

Just for my reference and understanding, can you please advise which heading is causing the issue? Because as far as I can see in my DevTools, all of the headings are rendering fine.

Pls. see attached screenshots and advise if I am missing out on something? Sorry if I confused you.!

Uh… the link seems to have expired.

hi @moinshaikh thank you for taking time to comment and for your help !

yes it is actually working fine on my mobile but it was on my laptop so couldn’t understand that should i still need to fix something or its working fine…

I am sorry if i asked u any silly or minor question ,as I am new and still learning and there is a lot to earn
here is the screenshot that made me confused!!

Hi @Janvig,

It looks all good to me when I check on my resized desktop browser.

Can you please try it in incognito mode or in other browser like Firefox and let me know if issue still persists.

And yeah, no question is silly question when we are learning something!

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Hello @moinshaikh it is working all fine now .

Thank you very much for all your help and your time .I really appreciate that.

and will bother you again if i am stuck or need your help … hahaha :wink:

cheers :slight_smile:

Sure thing, @Janvig!!