My first web Page - Miles Davis Tribute

Hello Everyone you can find herebelow my first web page. I really tried to do my best. Thank you in advance for your valuable comments…

Nice, Responsive, but I would add more CSS style, for the picture: border-radius: *px; and/or frame your choice complimentary color.
Try letter-spacing: for your h1 title, in a matching color with maybe a little text-shadow: to make the title “stand-out”.
:wink: Jan

Thank you for your comment Jan. I am aware that i am not good at styling but i am working on it.
I have tried to apply your recommendation. Actually there was a text shadow on h1 element but i think i have to change its color as you said.

This is very well contrasted and easy to read! Great job! You did a wonderful job utilizing different font sizes as well.

Some notes that I made upon first glance:

  • I was initially confused by the use of ‘-’ for your caption. It might look a bit cleaner if you leave them off.
  • Maybe think of shortening the title for your timeline to something like "Timeline of Davis’ Life: "
  • Play around some more with your timeline. What would it look life if increased font size of the years, deleted the ‘-’ and let the words follow? Maybe play around with the grid/flex properties (not necessary but a great way to learn). It might look a bit more sleek that way!
  • remove the ‘>’ at the end of your link

Good job incorporating everything from the course!

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My mistake - add it to #title since you have an id. If you want to keep text black, use a CSS color wheel and pick a shade lighter or darker for the shadow.
You can also pick a bright background-color: for body to make the page stand out.

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Thanks for your suggesition mattiek. It looks better with grid element now. I have also tried to use media query function…

Thank you Jan, you are right, i have included title id and made a lihter shadow…

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