My first React project using create-react-app

Hi! I couldn’t find any rules about not posting non-tutorial projects here, so here goes.

This was made using create-react-app using functional components and state hooks. The app takes in user data and auto-fills a formal letter. I had set up a forward geocoding API to validate address data, allow the user to choose the validate address, and then update the state. However the API served the data over http which caused a mixed content error that I could not resolve.

There was also the issue of protecting the API key which was not resolved therefore there is an unused POSSTACK_APIKEY environment variable.

So I decided to forgo the API and you will see this in the comments. The link to the codesandbox is below.

I’m looking for any feedback to improved this React app.

Hey @Dead-Newbie!

I think your form looks good.

When I purposefully put in gibberish the form does tell me to follow the correct format but it doesn’t tell the user what the correct format is. Maybe a custom message like “your zip code needs to be at least five numbers long” or something like that.

Hope that helps!

Yes, that definitely helps -> user experience!