My Frist App Feedback

I’ve just finished my first full stack website using react/redux at

Any feedback would be great as I’m planning to put it on my portfolio.

You can signup with a fake email and password as the email address doesn’t need to be validated.

Thanks in advance

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Nice Design but a few suggestions:

  1. As a user, there is no feedback when invalid credentials are used during login.
  2. Cosmetically, maybe a solid line instead of a dashed one
  3. Validation of credentials should be triggered by a button click rather than when the user is entering. Usability and is distracting.
  4. Go To Register link yields a <404> when clicking and not putting in credentials.

Go here then click “Register”:

Did you test this?

Best, Dave

Thanks very much for you feedback,

I’ve fixed the broken link and will update this on the server soon.

I haven’t implement error handling for the register/login pages but will do so over the weekend.

I was thinking about triggering the form/input validation on blur so that if a user leaves an input which doesn’t meet validation the error message shows up then. Do you think this might be best?

thanks again,

Sure, give it a try and if you’re successful with the blur then try validating on button click.

Great Luck!

Changed one line of code and now each individual field validates on blur and all the foeld valid on submit. Seems to be a good ux.
Thanks again

nice app really. nice to see.

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Thanks iiio2 really appreciate that