Keyboarding practice app 2.0 ( React / Redux )

Hey guys! Maybe some of you might remember me from my previous thread where I asked for some feedback on an app that I was working on at the time.

After I finished it I fell back into procrastination like I did many times before when learning to code and just tried to come up with some big idea for a next project to work on.

2 weeks had gone and I hadn’t done any coding at all and I knew that I just have to start doing something and get back to coding or I will just quit once more and move on to doing something else and never actually become expert at anything so I decided that I will start simply by recreating the same app again with new design and overall a little bit differently.

I’ve been working on it for a couple of months now and overall I feel good about this new version but it still feels like it is missing something so I would love to hear your opinions about it :slight_smile:

So please check it out over here and let me know what you think in the comments.


Where’s the love FCC? :frowning:

Totally missed it :blush: :frowning:

Well done! I like the leaderboard per country (though it is a bit lonely…). Good job on implementing a login system, though it might be nice if there was a possibility to play without signing up. And then sign up to have your score saved.

BTW: the FAQ, Terms of Service and Contact make it look professional, but they don’t work :slight_frown:

Yeah I know about the TOS, contact etc. not working, It was just meant like you said to just look professional :smiley:

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