My First Tribute Page - Dr. Norman Borlaug

Hey guys!
Please look at my Tribute Page:
(it’s my first page so I want to know what I can improve there?)
Thank you all

Hi, Ellen.

Two things really stand out: One is the padding for the , (his timeline.) 200px makes your text a little hard to read. The other is the link to your profile in the footer doesn’t go anywhere.

I’m new too, and found the split screen for HTML and CSS a little difficult at first. But once I got the hang of it, putting all the CSS in the middle column and keeping the HTML separate enabled me to navigate more quickly as I made changes to my page. And I hated my first page so much I created two others. It was a bit extra work, but now I know my HTML is solid, and my CSS, while not perfect, is coming along. Perhaps making a separate pen to “color outside the lines” a bit?

edit>>>> Holy moly! You have only been doing this for TWO DAYS? Wow! You learn fast!

wait a second… isnt it the example tribute page but slightly changed???

theyre exactly the same,really… except the gray box where the text is contained is a little slimmer…

Hi, Thystle.
Thank you for your comment.
I already added target=_blank to my profile link so the page opened in the new window. But timeline should stay with a padding of 200px cause it was a task - to try to make a copy of the Tribute Page. So I tried to make it very similar to it.
Also, I separated CSS and HTML as you said and you know - it really looks more convenient! Thank you for this tip:slight_smile:
Before Freecodecamp I learned CSS and HTML on different Internet resources but here I can practice day by day and I’m very happy that I found this source.

yeah, that was a task - to make a copy of so I tried to make it very similar to that page.))

also, I didn’t look at the code so maybe not all things look the same. I need to say that it was a good practice to build Tribute Page without looking how it was made by somebody else.