My mentors, I need insight with my first CSS project

Am a newbie in CSS, so have started a project but I find it difficult.

I found the item that contains js difficult to put on place.

Hi @elvisjay
Welcome to FCC (Free Code Camp) !
If I was you, I would look at the course that FCC offers on JavaScript before you pay for anything
Check JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification and, trust me, you will not regret it.
Good luck with your endeavors!

Hi there!

You’re talking about css but you go for a js book? Can you please state the problem clearly?

I agree- FreeCodeCamp is … free :slight_smile: and a good place to explore how CSS, HTML and JavaScript work together. Get in and try some things and ask questions… start right here!

I want to use CSS to design that interface but the object that contains JS is difficult for me to arrange.

Can you just start and we will see how to help?