My Netflix Clone - ReactJS [visual side]

So today I finished after 3 days my Netflix Clone - the Front End side.
link -
Some skills I picked up:

  • Using Semantic UI

  • improving understanding of Dumb and Smart components

  • understanding React lifecycle better

  • Using Radium

  • exporting and importing components using indexes

  • [ofc] improved CSS skills {expecially Flexbox}

  • The best - figured out I should struggle with the docs in order to understand it instead of reading the direct answer from StackOverFlow - saved me a lot of time

I want to continue but I’m pretty stuck since I figured out I should develop an api while I used the moviedb api.
The API of themoviedb doesn’t provide any youtube link to view a movie’s trailer so I am wondering whether I should make a view movie page without the youtube link or start a different project. What do you think?
BTW, How’s my clone?