Netflix clone w/ React

Hello Campers, I recently made a Netflix clone with React and hope to get some feedback.


Resources used :

Any feedback is appreciated!

Happy coding!


Pretty good. I like it. But is this a demo? Because I can’t sign in or search

Thanks Eddie! This demo site only had frontend implemented, gonna squeeze time to do the backend :wink:

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Nice project. I love the animations when hovering over a movie. :+1::+1:

This project is very interesting. It is a demo point. You can also use netflix clone script for this project.

@fanyeh - Its very nice and built very well. All are good like animations, responsiveness.

Hey @fanyeh :slight_smile:
Nice UI really, It looks really great, the only thing It looks different from the original is the avatar icon on the right top corner. I don’t know why but to me seems that the emoji is not centered into the Icon.

Anyway amazing job, really! :partying_face:

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