Netflix React Clone

Hey guys check out my netflix clone built with react, it uses the movieDB api to search for movies, feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Hey, nice job! I imagine creating this took a while.

If you take suggestions, here are some of mine!

  1. Add a bit more functionality. Search is working great, but you probably don’t want to stop there :slight_smile: Next step would probably be at least adding the watchlist functionality. Since it’s all front-end, you can store the movies in local storage.
  2. I’m assuming you already noticed it, but the modal (on opening a movie description) feels a bit weird. The screen gets tinted -> all the animations are happening -> it waits a bit less than half a second before the movie description finally shows up. Try and make it a bit more fluid.
  3. The scrolling bar is awful! Lol. As you can imagine, having an awesome layout like Netflix and default scrollbars doesn’t go well together. I haven’t watched it yet myself, but here is a guide for modifying scollbars
  4. Improve responsiveness a little bit. On the smaller screen you’ll probably want to see the “category + movie” taking most of the vw and vh, with movies still being horizontally scrollable of course.
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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to work on it using the best of my abilities!

Wow! the only thing you can’t see the categories at the top when the screen gets smaller…but hey great job!

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Yeah I still need to make some improvements!

Please pardon If I am wrong is it have same features like other movie apps or it works differently, I just ask this out of curiosity. By the way, nice clone… keep it up.