Check it out! My Netflix Clone with React!

I want to share my Netflix Clone App

Step 1 Prototype : (simple bootstrap, mainly to write out the react functions)

Step 2 Template slicing: (Use Bootstrap to clone netflix major component)

Step 3 Final Product:

Let me know what you guys think!!!

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Quite impressive! I’m not yet able to do that, I’m still working on the first front-end challenges… Glad to see what you learned with FCC and eager to get to this level! Let’s keep it up!


Wow super cool! Ohhhh I cant wait til I get to that point to make this! lol

One little thing I notice, just randomly I searched for top and chose the movie Top Hat… int he list of actors, the one Everett Edward Horton, his last name appears outside of the box. So heads up, if someone has more than 2 names it will be too long to fit inside of the white border.

Really cool project though…!!!

Thanks man !!! good luck with front end challenges!

thanks man i’ll check it out