My personal website for my small business

This here is my personal website, which is the first website I’ve published aside from the first few FCC projects.

I got confused by plug-ins like bootstrap and decided to code my own website using the grids concept so i’d understand a bit more of what’s going on underneath. I still have not touched Javascript or front end libraries and still feel like I know basically nothing beyond maybe a deeper understanding of the Responsive web design course after this project.

I only know how to make it look good at my full 1920x1080 resolution. I don’t yet know what’s going to happen with all those empty grids when it flips to a vertical screen.I have too many css files. I haven’t yet learned how to make it ‘responsive’, but I believe I need to make a 1 column grid for tall viewports.

I’m open to any kind critiques or possible suggestions on what specific subject to study next to get to my goal of having this look good on all screen formats. It is a real website and I need to get jobs from it depending on how the covid thing turns out here in the PNW.

I don’t want to keep the contact page anymore. Probably will use that page a a placeholder for other content.

Thanks in advance!

This pic is how it looks on my screen.


I think the top occupy too much empty space,
Maybe you can move the contet a bit top.
Your can use bigger font also.

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You should refresh everything on Responsive Web Design Certification on FCC.

Also look up stuff on here -->

With just the Responsive Web Design Certification course from FCC you can pretty much do this below

Except for the humburger nav bar.

My honest opinion is that your website looks like it was made in the early 2000s (intentional? Might be good if they people hiring you are older demographic), but I think you can easily throw a modern vibe to it in 1 week if that’s what you are going for.


I’ll be honest. I have seen your past FCC projects and it seems like you literally just did the bare minimum to somehow pass. You should definitely go back and brush up your stuff with some basic css. I know it is hard, but it seems like you hardly retained any css information from Responsive Web Design Certification. Although the Shiny Windows website is a really good step up from before.

Don’t be discourage and keep trying is the most important tip.

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Thanks for this. Reviewing the first course again is probably what I’ll have to do. I feel like I missed a lot when I went through the exercises, too .

My design style is probably because that’s the last time I paid attention to design. I guess I’ll have to do a refresher on that too.

Thanks very much tho. This one is probably what I needed to hear.

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Hey Brian, I live in NW PDX so I had to throw in my two cents.

When I make my browser window very narrow I get a nice big good looking logo at the top of the page. But then as I widen out it goes to the middle of the page and gets small and I have to widen out quite a bit until it really stands out on the page. My first suggestion is to always keep your logo at the top and nice and big. For wider widths you can move your logo to the left and then you can easily put your menu links in the top right to fill up the empty space.

On the main page it just has your logo, some links, and a phone number. This is the most important page on your site because it is the first one people are going to see, so you need content on there to draw people in. If you don’t have enough content right now then remove the links and just put everything you have on the main page. But I would try real hard to come up with some good content to fill up that main page. Why should people hire you? How much experience do you have? How does it work? How long will it take? What are your rates? Can I get a free quote? Do you do anything other than windows (roofs, gutters, etc…) I’m sure you know all of the questions that your potential clients will have. Answer them, or at least the most common ones, on the main page. Don’t make people hunt around for information. Give them what they want right up front.

I don’t think you need to get too fancy right now as far as styling is concerned. Have the logo and any links at the top and then center all of your content below. This will make it very easy to ensure that it looks good on all devices. I think your main issue right now is content (not enough of it).

Good luck.

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Thanks for this. Working on content.