My Pomodoro Clock. Feedback please?

Ok… I think v1 is 100% done. Please: take a look

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Hi @fellipedepaula The font-color to my eyes a little too light and the minus sign is way too small. :eyes:

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You are missing zero when seconds are less than 10

Also I think ' is unnecessary (in pomodoro clock minutes are implied; and maybe it’s just me, but when I see ' I think feet).

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I agree! Just launched an update with the fixes you suggested.
Thanks a lot!!

I’m personally still having a little issue with the font color vs background (still too light maybe?). I like the minimalist design overall though.

The only other thing I might suggest is moving your increment/decrement area and total pomodoro counter closer to center. Just visual preference though. Great work!

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Thanks for your suggestions. Check it out now :slight_smile:

Much easier to see the numbers :thumbsup:

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