The challenge of pomodoro was difficult for me

I just finished pomodoro clock challenge and I want to have your opinion on it.
I could not do better than that.

You should share full view link not editor view link…
plus while switching to full, codepen showed me this message.
“The owner of this Pen needs to verify their email address to enable Full Page View.”

Thank you DimGujjar for answering me. it’s true I have a problem with my codepen and I can not solve it I do not know if it’s serious or not.
but you did not give me feedback from my podomoro clock.

The owner of this Pen needs to verify their email address to enable Full Page View.

The text in the boxes is too small, and the colors are too bright. it’s good otherwise.

Thank you, I 'll enlarge the font and change the colors.
Regarding my problem with the codepen I tried several times to check my email address but no way

Thank you very much finally the problem of codepen is solved.

Also make a smaller margin/ space between the title and the actual content. I would also suggest switching then around. Put the circle above the break and time editor.

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Its good, iLiked the bell.
here is my pomodoro… iFirst time tried canvas…

Very good just a few small remarks:
1- why you do not convert the minutes when they are greater than 60 in the form of hour-minutes-seconds
2-change the shape of the pointer on the timer
good luck

@zina iAm busy doing my job and currently doing tic tac toe project. I’ll come back to it later pls share any relevant info. Thanks

Yes I understand you, keep going.

I made another version of pomodoro clock I hope it’s better and i submit it,
here is the link: https: //