My Portfolio is Done (my side :D )

Please take a look:
I can not center “About Me” and “Feedback” Help me :frowning:


Okay i get it, your about section is taking upto 8 rows on mid size devices i.e col-md-8, what you need to do to make it center is give an offset of about 4 columns i.e col-md-offset-4 and then give the section a class of col-md-4. As you know bootsrap’s grid system is divided into 12 column grid so if you give it an offset of about 4 columns and then occupy only 4 columns your about and feedback section will be centered.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more :slight_smile:

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I tried, and col-md-offset-2 is work well. Thank you Kuna :smiley:

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Glad i could help…:slight_smile:

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Wow! It looks totally cool! I love how the webpage scrolls over the background.

I don’t see how you hit the User Story: “navigate to different sections of the webpage by clicking buttons in the navigation.”

I think you just need to add “My Portfolio” and “about me” to your navbar and have an Href that links to those areas on your page. Would just take two minutes!

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Hi @vanveo,

I like the overall design of your pen.
What i like the most is the image scrolling effect. That’s kind of Cool to me.

There are two suggestions:

  1. The rounded image in About section touches the background image of portfolio. In case it was unintended, give it some space.

  2. The text in contact section seems unaligned.
    Talking specificaly about “Swing by for a cup of coffee, or leave me a note:”.
    Make it in line with other texts.

Hope it helps.

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That is some nice design! Clean but with visual impact. I am suddenly not happy with mine anymore :grin:

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Cool page! Love the flowing backgrounds! :heart_eyes:

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Cool Portfolio and the design is very clean.

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Oh, really? It is difficult for me, I took a lot of time for it. Let me see and try to do like your comment, thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, I fixed the image of About us, but the text in Contact Us is quite difficult So I don’t know how to align it :smile:

@Terblanche @mokada42991 @JPGITHUB1519 Thank you :smiley:

hooly cow. I dont know what I was expecting but it certainly wasnt that.

double thumbs up. :slight_smile:

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seeing your portfolio makes me want to say “teach me Master”, nuff said.

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It’s gorgeous! I also checkout your dribble, which is fantastic, and made me wish I was this good at design.

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hey your page looks really great and slick, when i roll down it doesnt stuck and everything moves neatly.

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@Cardboard @abdul967 @imtoobose @ismokenov Thank you guys, Look it quite simple but it took me a lot of time, how difficult to code it :confounded:

I have two questions,

  1. How do you make bootstrap javascript work on Codepen?

  2. Are you using a jump link when you click on the “About me” link and it brings you to that About me section?

[quote=“koalavc, post:18, topic:34434”]
How do you make bootstrap javascript work on Codepen? [/quote]

In HTML window I paste this link:
link rel=“stylesheet” href=""
So I can use Bootstrap.

Yes, I set the ID for About Me Section #about, also for My Work, Contact.

Beautiful :heart_eyes:
The images are great!

In mobile the navbar doesn’t collapse and the links are all over the place though :frowning: