My Random Quote Machine - Feedback & Tips for Responsive-ness


This is my Random Quote Machine:

I’d love some feedback on it, anything you’d like to comment on: it’s appearance, my code!

At the moment it doesn’t look great on a mobile phone. It ain’t responsive. It seems that sometimes the container in which the quote sits in extends outside of the bounds of the display. And, you can’t scroll or zoom out. This has to be something simple, something I’ve done with centring the container, I’m sure of it, but I’m stumped.

The buttons also seem like they might be out of place, any thoughts on this? How I might make it look prettier?

Many thanks, Allan

looking besides the quotes popping out of the box around them :slight_smile:

suggestions: place the buttons in their own div so they don’t jump around.
Looks good though :slight_smile: