Review(and help) my Random Quote Machine project

Random Quote Machine please give me feedback and tell me how i could make the project responsive because i tried but i couldn’t do it right.

Hey there,

great work, I like it!

What do you mean by i tried but i couldn’t do it right?

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It doesn’t look good on mobile or small screens.

A big hint as to why it doesn’t look good on narrower view ports is because you are setting a width in px on the quote-box. So you will always get a horizontal scroll bar anytime the view port width is below 550px.

To fix this, don’t set a width on quote-box at all. Allow it to narrow as much as needed. Your job as the developer is to use CSS break points to rearrange the elements in the quote-box to handle very narrow widths (i.e. build your app responsively).

You can set a max-width on quote-box though to keep it from getting out of hand. But I would suggest you use em units for it.

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I mean “What did you try?”

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Thanks for the help.
I think it’s good now.

Thanks for the feedback.
I think it looks good on small screens now.

Hey there,

great job!

My ideas:

  • I think that a constant height would be better for the quote box, because the size of it “jumps” depending on the length of the quote
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