Please critique my Random Quote Machine

What I’m especially proud of with this one is that I didn’t use jQuery or Bootstrap. Just flexbox and plain javascript. (Ok and CSS reset too but that doesn’t count.) The potential downside is that I might not be completely cross-platform so I would be really interested in hearing from people using “weird” or old browsers. (Especially, God help you, if you use Internet Explorer. :smile:)

And how is the design?

If found that the design was nice. Overall, it scaled fine with different screen widths. I’m on a windows 10 machine and tried both chrome and edge browsers.

However, there are a couple of things you might consider looking into:

  • The transition between quotes was not smooth. It appeared as if a blank quote was loaded and then the actual quote loaded.

  • I think that it would have been more aesthetically pleasing if the container did not change widths each time a quote was loaded.

Overall, nice work. I have been avoiding jquery recently myself, so I appreciate your your approach.


Thanks. Soon I’ll be doing a round of review of my projects and I’ll try and fix these bugs then.