My random quote project!

On initial page load, the quote/author is empty.
Figure out a way to populate them on first load.
Some minor formatting issues on small mobile display.

Hey I fixed the empty quote/author box. What kind of formatting issues are you talking about?

Very good👍🏽. I like it!
Just a tip like @owel said
To populate the quote/author, you could setup a function that randomly generates a number and finds the corresponding quote and author in the array.

Ahh, I see what you mean. I know it’s simple but I’m trying to improve my eye for design as I go along, thanks!

this app makes my browser stop :smile:

@khaisen Really, why does it stop??

I think your loop does not stop… maybe you will need to define an empty string to clear the last data to get from your array and it is much better to put your array on JSON server or somewhere else…