My Second Front End Project

Hello guys, I hope that you all are doing well. I have made the second front end project , I need your help to take a look at my project and comment accordingly. I will appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks.

I really like the color scheme and layout you used and the little stylized horizontal bars. Here’s some suggestions

  • The fixed nav bar is pretty chunky. Since it will overlay text/images as you scroll down, it would probably be better to slim it down a bit.
  • I can’t tell if your about section and the roles you list are current realities or aspirations, but either way it would be less jarring if you started off with a sentence or two introducing yourself and elaborated a bit on your best skills/programming languages.
  • There’s a problem where the input for the contact at the bottom overlap with the fixed navigation bar. I can’t tell if this was intentional (so that the navigation bar wouldn’t cover the form).
  • Your name on the navigation bar should be bigger.