My Second Portfolio Page

Hi friends, I’ve just finished my second portfolio page. I didn’t use Bootstrap in my previous portfolio page but I used bootstrap for this one. Please review and comment on it so that I can further improve it.

Here is the link to my portfolio page on codepen:


Looks good. Still if you can do a contact form. :slight_smile:

The enlarging of the portfolio items on hover threw me for a second.

If your intention is to make them look like links, then I’d suggest changing your icon type on the a:hover CSS selector.

First of all you clearly have a great eye for design, and that can’t be taught, so go you!

The only things I noticed are that when the project images enlarge, the featured project doesn’t consistently sit above the rest and parts will sit behind the other project images. Also, there’s a large white-space next to your image in the contact area. I’d suggest expanding your image and centering the text there to mirror the awesome style of your intro header, or consider inserting a contact form there :slight_smile:

Also, your page is perfectly set up to be put over the top with a little parallax scrolling between the sections.

Sure, I think I’ll add a contact form too. Thanks for the advice.

If you add transition: 1s; to your #portfolio .showcase img it will make your enlarging effect look a lot more smooth. Your CSS would then look like this: #portfolio .showcase img {
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
transition: 1s;

Overall looks very nice. I think it may have been mentioned, but when hovering over the projects, only the bottom right project will hover “over” the other projects as such, if that makes sense…
Otherwise all looks good. :+1: