Feedback required - Portfolio page - unfinished need some direction on what to change

I need some feedback on my portfolio page please

Source code hosted on github:

Nice base structure. i like it. A suggestion would be that the icons and and other project showcase on hover are little rough to say.I don’t know if you are using any jQuery or not as you didn’t provide the source code but you can make the hover effect more smooth with CSS transition properties. and also give the media buttons some paddings or margins from bottom. :slight_smile:

@pjjroux…great portfolio i like it…if you want you may try using this jquery code below for your divs that contain “coming soon” …it will make them animate more smoother… for reference you can check on my demo…jst move your mouse around the images

the code

$(’.column’).mouseenter(function () {
width : ‘10%’,



$(’.column’).mouseleave(function () {
width : ‘5.5%’,



Thanks I used transitions with the transform and it works a lot better. Just a small issue on mobile I see it gets a small section added on the right hand side when in mobile so it creates a vertical scroll.

One more bug to fix :slight_smile:

Thanks I used CSS transitions to make it smoother

wow…nice…it looks better than i imagined…

I don’t think its a bug. the right hand side bar you are talking about on mobile screen size is called Collapse bar / hamburger menu. And its showing cause you added the code for this collapse bar in your html file.

But intentionally or accidently i have no idea. Any way you can make use of it properly by putting the right ids and organizing it properly. So that it collapse the icons on small screen size.

Updated and should be final for now

Looks cool!
Liked the animation effects.

It looks really good. You should be happy with it.

Only thing I might suggest is using the first thing you see to direct the user throughout the site.
Clicking your name takes you off the assignment and to your blog on gitHub.
I think it makes sense to have it take you to a section of your page, perhaps move your about section up, and direct the click there?

I’d recommend giving your viewer a chance to see the entire site before sending them elsewhere.
You could always have a link to your blog in the Nav Bar, for return visitors to go there.

First time visitors are all about that “first impression”. You have to show them everything you can do before they are going to want to hit a “call to action”

Just my thoughts.

I think it’s great though! Definitely meets the criteria of the project.

Thanks for feedback, you make an excellent point. I changed it to point to about section and added blog link on navbar.