My Simon layout -- feedback

Hi all
I decided to make my simon game layout a more modern style. I have not added any JS yet but I will soon.

Any feedback on my layout/style on my simon game will be appreciated!

One of the best Simon projects I’ve seen so far, in terms of design. Creative and nice colors. Finish it up, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

It’s interesting to seee how people approach these projects differently. I usually get an ugly but working prototype with JS out before even starting on design. You’re doing the opposite. I should try this and see if that works better.

Honestly this is my first approach as well in terms of building CSS first then JS.

I did this because in my previous projects I noticed that how I design the html/css does influence on how I want the JS to communicate with it. This is still experimental approach so I am not fully decided yet if this the right approach for me since it can limit me what else I can do with the game.