My sixth 'First' project: Tribute Page

I recently tried again making my first tribute page. Please share your thoughts on it.
Here is the link:

Thank You.

  • Did you check for responsiveness? “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” overflows on a small screen.
  • Be consistent in your dates. You are using “Feb”, “August”, “OCTOBER”. Choose one format and stick to it.
  • Try a grid layout with 2 columns, 1 for the date and 1 for the description of the event. This might make it more organised (or not, just an idea that popped into my mind).
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  • Yes, I tried to handle the responsiveness as per my knowledge but it is impossible to get the heading in the center, as per what I know.

  • Yes, you’re right. I think that was a typing mistake.

  • I don’t know anything about the Grids yet so that’s why it was a little bit difficult for me. I do guess that it will make sense using the grid, you know, semantics wise.

You can either set the font size in em or use a media query to switch to a smaller font size once a screen gets too small.

Grids is part of the curriculum. Did you do the exercises? You can also have a look at

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I haven’t reached there yet. I am tring to grasp these important things but this positioning, flexbox and grids are bouncing above my head. I have to give more time to CSS.