Tribute Page Feedback

Hi, I wanted to ask for a feedback on my tribute page located at or with the source code at I am a newbie, still wrapping my head around the basics. Thank you for your constructive feedback.

Not bad for a newbie :slight_smile: One point I’d like to make is that you should maybe pay a bit more attention to responsiveness. For instance this is your heading at 350px:
And, similarly, your iframe and paragraphs get too narrow, so think about your layout on smaller screens. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This helps a lot. Thank you. It was because of the line-height, which I have removed. The heading is responsive now. As for the iframe on the right and the paragraphs on the left, I am still stuck. I don’t know how to fill the empty space below the iframe and make the articles in it more responsive. I will have to get help on that.

Have you tried moving the iframe above or below all the paragraphs on a smaller screen? You could use flexbox or grid for this (or just remove the float I guess) :sweat_smile: It’s generally a good practice to put everything in a column on mobile view and avoid placing elements one next to another in a row because they get way too narrow :slight_smile: