My Survey Project!

Hi all,

Just looking for some feedback on my survey project.

I had some fun creating this!

Thank you very much,


Hey Pat! I have a couple suggestions:

  1. You should add margin to the form and padding around the questions as it is all pushed over to the left a bit too much.
  2. I would also get rid of the borders between the questions, or change the color of the border lines to something a bit more subtle.
  3. The clickable part of the radio options would look better in front of the options instead of behind.
  4. Use the Raleway font you imported to make the text stand out a bit more
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@KAnd agreed. Maybe center the form with margin: auto; and change the background-color to something more subtle. Also, the second label says password but the placeholder of the input is email. Which one is it? Overall, looks like you got the gist of it. Good Job!