My tribute challenge, feedbacks are welcome

Hi guys, I just finished my tribute challenge, any feedback is more than welcome
Tribute page - Nikola Tesla

Hey there! I’m fairly new to all this so I can’t really give much critique. Are you new to coding as we/l? I ask because your tribute page is styled really well! And reading through your code is helping tremendously with some issues I’ve been having with CSS and Bootstrap styling.

Aside from a spelling error and the “click here” button, I think you page looks great. And with regards to the button, that’s just personal preference. Again, I think you page and code looks great.

thanks! yes I’m new at web developing as well. with regards to the button, I wasn’t completely sure when I puted it, I guess I will try a couple of different ways to do that and see how it looks. and regarding the spelling error I’m sorry English is not my native languaje so I could sometimes make innocents mistakes