Tribute page, feedback appreciated! - Alan Turing


Any feedback would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much!


very well made ! I really like the nav bar. Your tribute info seems to go out of its container and into your video div. When i shrink the page the problem gets fixed but the nav bar disappears. other than that i really like this page!

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Very nice indeed ! Good job !

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Thank you @SALTx for take a look and in detail. By the way do you have an image to see the issue when ‘go out of its container and into your video div.’, because i can’t see that unexpected behaviour

great job man, I have a question about the white button in the middle top, it doesn´t do anything, is that right?


A small point on this - you seem to have deliberately misspelled some of your class names incorrectly.

This is definitely a habit to get out of sooner rather than later. It might make sense to you and wouldn’t matter if you plan on working solo all your career, but it will drive other people mad trying to debug if they’re trying to work out whether a problem lies in a typo or code error only to find out that you’ve written inconsistent class names into your work.

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Heres a screenshot

Thank you, you are right, i did the change :upside_down_face:

I did some changes, maybe the white button in the middle top is gone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is absolutely nice. I finished the Responsive Web Design Certification two months ago but found out that i could not do the coding challenge. I was absolutely lost as to where to start and what to start with when i was given a blank page to start coding. I eventually just tried to recreate the example of a tribute page given and till date i still haven’t moved past that. I was so scared that maybe coding isn’t for me and so i stopped completely but recently i decided to overcome that fear and go back to coding and here i am again! Any tips on learning to code for me as i start the responsive web design course again? How can i do my own personalized tribute page and not just recreate the example given? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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looks great, not crazy about the word cloud as it makes reading a bit hard.
I noticed you are using bootstrap classes. Is this natively available in code pen or do you have to call on it somehow?

Great page! Makes me feel like I should add more to mine.

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Hi ChrisCline,
Thank you for your comment, i did some changes related to Font Color :). Btw it is available in codepen

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Hi IcedYuri, I am not good doing advice but keep studying, working hard, focus on your goals.

Another think that i do is make a list of what do you want during te next 3 months.

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