Review my Tribute page and give me feedback

I made a tribute page for project on Nikola Tesla. I would like it if you guys can check it out and give me a review and tell me the flaws so that I can improve myself in the future.

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Hmmmm, something’s not working. I’m using Chrome on iPad and your page is just white from the middle of the second block quote to the end where I see “site Wikipedia” over on the right. I can’t find it but I suspect there’s some mix up in the tags.

I see you’ve loaded Bootstrap but not using much. The photo doesn’t show up for me.

Add target ="_blank" to your anchor elements.

Good luck!

ThankYou for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
I tried it on several devices and i could not find any problem.
Nonetheless I added target ="_blank" to the anchor as you said.
Thankyou for taking your time.:blush: