My tribute page, I feel like I am not doing it right

So I just made my tribute page for Led Zeppelin!
I like the visual outcome but I feel like the coding is a mess.
Like it could be done in a much easier/simpler way.
I kept doing micro percentage adjustments and clicking “Run” until it looked ok.
Could I please get some tips on my HTML code and CSS code?


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I think it looks fine, good job.

Some tips:

Instead of rgb(rr, gg, bb) values, you can just do #RRGGBB hex values

color: #112233;

You can simplify and shorten this


to be

padding: 3% 15% 1% 15%; 

It goes top, right, bottom, left values.

For the band pic border-radius, I think it will be easier and more intuitive to size this as px.

border-radius: 0.5%;


border-radius: 10px;    // or something 
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good job. I love it.

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Thanks! that is what i am talking about. I need to learn these good habbits.

The tribute page is perfect! The code is structured and pretty well done.
Good job!

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I think it’s more of a personal thing, I can’t stand untidy code and try leaving lot’s of spaces, indentation, and breaks to clear it up a bit. This guide is talking about JavaScript, but gives some general style tips which you will recognize from any other code you might look at.

And remember the casual visitor will never see your code, so in the end the fact the page itself looks great is much better than the opposite (ugly page, pretty code).

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Fine work but you should put alt tags on images for accessibility.

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Your doing a great job. way, way,way better than mine at that point.

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Yeah this is better than fine! Good job!

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