My tribute Page(please review, i know it sucks but im proud of it!)

here is my first Tribute page. Its a page to Godzilla!
I know its strange but i couldn’t think of a way to try out my ideas of using javascript to turn

  • into links!
    Please Review, on different devices.
    using bootstrap and javaScript its like 2 different websites one for phones xs-sm and one for tablets and laptops md-xl
    Thanks for looking.
  • Hey, no actually I think it is a great start!

    As you are asking for suggestions, the first one that comes to mind is the importance of ‘spacing’ in design-- not just web design, but for print, magazine, etc. If you search ‘importance of white space in design’ you’ll find a billion articles and perspectives.

    For the web, this was the first that came up and a brief perusal says its on the right track:

    Second, since you have a fun tribute topic I would review the lessons on using Google Fonts. Where in many cases one might select at most two or three font sets to compose a design (otherwise it gets really mentally busy), I don’t think it would hurt here to use as many as appropriate.

    If you need a refresher:

    Keep at it and hope this helps.

    I should also follow up a bit here on this. I get the idea of what you have going on in the JS, but am not sure it is being of use… The ‘tribute’ page is really a first assignment. HTML and CSS should be more than enough to complete it successfully.

    If you have some idea you want to implement in Javascript there is no reason not to do so. But at least from what I see right now there is this ‘Panic!’ moment, I must have JS to complete this project… You really don’t.

    At the end of the day, the very best programmers know to use only the minimal number of bells and whistles to get from A to B (not there yet… journey in progress).

    MY Tribute page

    pleas review. Thanks

    Hi rhukeos!
    I like the page alot, the only thing I would change is the image. Play with the css a little bit. Or put align=“center” into the img tag. On mobile screen it shoots off the page and cuts the image in half.

    Also why the JavaScript?

    document.getElementsByTagName(“h1”)[0].style.fontSize = “80px”;

    Why not just have
    H1 {
    In your case?

    Hi abalducci.
    Thanks for the review. The “panic” is real! But only because i couldnt figure out how to make it look clean on a phone screen. I was thinking of how to throw more code at it, rather than better code.

    also, I sense you think it’s cluttered. Hence the white space mention. I felt this way too, but im not sure how to fix it without it feeling empty.

    Hi woodsrlee, thanks a lot for reviewing my page. I forgot to delete the document.getElement… is of know use to my tribute page and i will stick to your advice on playing with css.

    Thanks a bunch one again.