Feed back on my First tribute page

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Its Beautiful, But the spacing can be reduced a bit further

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Well, I like the font, that make the thing beautiful. But the rest is completely mess up.

The thing is alignment is bad in mobile, is bad in the browser. The colours are really badly chosen or really use badly. Because my eyes are captivated by the list of the movie than the rest, so the full contents are useless.

The page is really empty.

You should redimension the photo in the mobile version.

Well for a first try, it’s not bad I guess. But sorry it’s not something I can praise ><. Try to making it simpler …

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punch in the gut but thank you…i wont sleep till it is close to decent

After getting a bitch slap from reality(thank you @bastienvinh) Its redone i have to admit i suck at general design but hell i hope its better than the first one https://codepen.io/mbuthiya/full/MbdLEw/

Well, the website is better :relaxed:. But the mobile is still unreadable :confounded: