Would appreciate a feedback - Tribute to Robin Williams!

Hey everyone! I just finished my tribute page and would love a feedback. Please do let me know ways in which I can improve the design. Link below —

Thank you :slight_smile:

I love Robin Williams, so I really appreciate this.

What was your goal with this?

At first glance, I will say:

  • People don’t read hunks of text. Break up your text, add images.
  • The video isn’t Responsive.
  • Your list hovers look like they should be links.
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Thank you for your constructive feedback, Solona :slight_smile: These points will be definitely helpful when I build web pages in the upcoming assignments.

This was my attempt at one of the initial projects from freecodecamp’s HTML/CSS course. So I was basically trying to apply whatever I have learnt until now.

Just one question… When you say the video isn’t responsive, do you mean the video doesn’t play when you try to play it?

I think I get what you mean. I made a few fixes… How does the video look now?

Sorry, yeah, I didn’t realize this was a project early in the camp. I skipped ahead. Your project looks great, given the parameters!!

Responsive is probably a concept you will learn later. It means that regardless of browser width, your content fits properly within it. When you shrink the browser window, the video overflows. Like this:


You’ll learn about this later…

Nice! The images and video resize, looks great!!