My tribute page project (about Nikola Tesla) and some guidance needed with a few aspects of it

Hi Fellow Free Code Campers,

This is my first ever coding project, also my first post on these forums. I’m very noob. I think I spent 40 hours on my project, maybe more. So long… It was a blast but also very frustrating at times.

Here is my project:

A still have a few issues with it:

  1. The < h3 > element is sort of wonky when I view it on my mobile phone. It splits the heading into two lines. Is there a way that I can scale it so that it maybe displays smaller and thus will still only display on one line when viewed on a mobile phone? (I really have searched for answers online, but either I don’t get any, or I type the wrong questions, or I just don’t understand yet what is given as answers.)
  2. Is there a way, when viewing the page on a desktop browser, that I can lock the page header (the < h1 >, < h3 > and < h4 > elements), the photo of Nikola Tesla (on the left hand side) and the video link (on the right hand side)? I only want the text of the timeline to scroll. When viewed on a mobile browser those features won’t work, I think, so I just want them to display as they currently are.

Oyes, any other critique or comments are very welcome, infact would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and consideration,