First Project (Tribute Page )

Hi everyone! this is my first project for Free Code Camp, a tribute to my favorite scientist Nikola Tesla. Any feedback, suggestions, or constructive criticisms are welcome. Link:

Thank you and have a good day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like it, well done.
Tesla a good choice for a tribute, an odd fellow but truly a genius. The styling does kinda fit the era.
The page responds quite well to viewport changes however the title word Nicola does start to move outside it’s container at about 400px width & below. Perhaps a media query reducing the h1 font size a tiny bit at mobile sizes would sort that minor issue. Other than that… all good!

It`s my favorite scientist too.
Good page…
I like it…

Your page is quite good but I have some comments:

  • your h3 header could be a bit bigger,

  • it’s better to give more space between your list items just to improve readability,

  • change anchor description in footer because it isn’t accessible.

Best wishes.

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