Tribute page Nikola Tesla Feedback

Hello everyone
I finally was able to create my first project,and i was looking for some feedback,and how can i improve it in future

Hi @Dubwolf !

Welcome to the forum!

I think your page looks good.

A few things from me :grinning:

In codepen, you don’t need to add the doctype, head and html tags.
That is already built into codepen for you.

It looks like you have a few html and css errors.
Run your code through the codepen analyzers to find an fix those errors.

You can also use the html validator to fix those errors.

The link of Wikipedia entry is not that accessible.
I would change the text to something like Nikola Tesla’s biography
You learned about giving links descriptive text in this lesson

I would use the format tool so all of your css is in a consistent format

Hope that helps!

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